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  • PDF Converter pro let's me take all that downloaded data and convert it straight to fully-editble PPT content.
  • It lets us move on with sharing the data with customers saving us time and trouble.

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Wondershare PDF Converter Pro User Guide

How to convert PDF files with 3 simple steps?

Step 1: Launch the program

Download Wondershare PDF Converter (AnyBizSoft PDF Converter) and install it on your PC. Double click the quick launch icon to start the program.

Step 2: Import PDF files and select the conversion type

Click Add Files… button to add PDF files for conversion. You can import as many as 200 files at a time. And then choose the format you want to convert above the pane: PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Text and images.

Import PDF files and select the conversion type

Step 3: Convert PDF files with one click

You can customize the special pages you want to convert in the pane and the output setting below the pane. Then just click the Convert button and you can convert your PDF files in seconds.

After conversion, you can view the converted files directly via the links in the conversion pane or click Open button below the pane to check the file in the destination folder.

Convert PDF files with one click

How to perform OCR to scanned PDF files? (PDF Converter Pro)

OCR is only available within PDF Converter Pro. To convert scanned PDF files with PDF Converter Pro, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable OCR function

Double click the quick start icon on the desktop to launch the program. On its main interface, you will find a small OCR sliding button at the lower-right corner of the interface. Just slide the OCR button to the right to enable the OCR function.


Note: OCR can help you convert scanned PDF files to text-based documents. If the PDF files you need to convert are normal PDF files but not scanned ones, you can slide the button to the left to disable the OCR function, which can help you convert PDF files quicker.

Step 2: Import PDF files and choose output format

Drag your scanned PDF files to PDF Converter Pro. Click on the tab above the panel to choose output format for conversion: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Image, HTML, or Text.

PDF Converter Pro

Step 3: Choose recognition languages

Before conversion, you need to click Options button below the panel to choose the right languages for the output contents. This is necessary because wrongly-selected output languages of the text on the scanned PDF can't be displayed properly.


Note: Supported recognition languages are: English, Turkish, Greek, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, and Catalan.

Step 4: Convert scanned PDF files

After you finish the steps above, just click Convert button and PDF Converter Pro can perform OCR and convert scanned PDF files to the text-based document format you choose in a short while.

How to arrange converting priority for the imported PDF files?

To arrange the converting priority for the imported PDF files, you just need to drag the PDF files up and down to make them priority-ranked.

How to convert encrypted PDF files?

You can import encrypted PDF files with copying and printing restrictions into the program and convert the files directly without knowing the password. And if your PDF file is encrypted with Open Password, there will be a small lock icon beside the PDF file once you imported into the program.

Encrypted PDF

Just click the lock icon and type in the password in the pop-up box, and the encrypted PDF file is unlocked for conversion. Then just click the Convert button and you can successfully convert the encrypted PDF file to the format you need.

Type in password

Flexible output options for output documents

After you select the output format and the Option button below the panel will be enabled. Click it to customize the output Excel spreadsheets, EPUB eBook, images and HTML files.

PDF to Excel:

Retain value without formatting: is the default option. It saves all the original text, numbers in PDF tables to Excel cells after converting PDF to Excel, without preserving the original formatting.
Retain original formatting of forms: allow you to preserve text, numbers and formatting in the original PDF file. This option is not suitable for some un-regular PDF tables, as there might be some positioning error that may affect the usual calculation after conversion.

Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet: It allows you to export PDF files in a single Excel page.

PDF to Excel


Text and images to epub: convert the text and images of the original PDF file to EPUB format. Users can copy the text or save images from the converted files.
Each page as an image to epub: convert each page of a PDF file as a whole image. The converted file looks the same as the PDF, but users cannot copy the text or save the images in the file.


PDF to Image:

Extract Images: Allows you to extract each page of PDF files as one image or only extract images off PDF files.

Image Format: Options for the output image format.

PDF to Image


HTML Settings:Empowers you to ignore the original hyperlinks in the output HTML documents.
Image Settings: Option for you to customize images within the original file for the output HTML pages.


How to convert partial pages from large PDF files?

To convert partial pages from large PDF files, you need to click on the Selected Pages column and type in the page number within the PDF files for conversion.

Partial Conversion

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